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Letter from Dr. Richard O. Hill

Beaver Medical Group Patients & Banning/Beaumont Residents:

Beaver Medical Group physicians have proudly served the Banning and Beaumont communities for more than 23 years, and, during this time, we have worked with San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital ("SGMH" or "Hospital") to better serve you with regard to your health care needs. We value the relationships we have built with hospital staff and employees during this time and acknowledge the important  role that the Hospital serves in the community.   

Unfortunately, our relationship with SGMH leadership has grown increasingly strained during the last few months and our efforts to resolve the matter with leadership have not been successful. Despite our attempts to work collaboratively with Hospital administrators, our doctors feel threatened in the existing work environment. We need your help to help correct this situation.

Among other things, Hospital leadership, as well as certain insiders, have:

  • Posted inaccurate signs in the SGMH emergency room that have frightened and confused our patients;
  • Ignored public testimony about a hostile work environment;
  • Threatened legal and other action against individual Beaver Medical Group physicians, as well as Hospital staff and employees, for doing what they believe to be in the best interests of our patients;
  • Created an environment that discourages staff from raising concerns about actions that jeopardize patient safety or ignoring such concerns; and
  • Taken other actions that seem designed to force Beaver to leave the hospital.

Because of these actions, and others, we feel it is necessary to educate and inform our patients, the Hospital staff and employees, and the greater Banning and Beaumont communities about what is happening. Our goal has and always will be, to provide the best quality of care to our patients, and with Hospital administrators getting in our way, our physicians simply cannot do so. The last thing this community needs is for Beaver to leave the hospital.

We created the website to provide greater context for the current dispute and highlight why we need your help.  We urge you to get the facts for yourself!


Dr. Richard Hill

President, Beaver Medical Group


Dr. Richard Hill

Dr. Richard Hill